Jakarta Olympics 2032

Redesigning the Olympics to challenge local stereotypes of the differently abled.

Role - UI/UX Designer

Tools - Figma, After Effects, Aero

Team - Ann Shoen (Art Director), Taylor Brazukas (Art Director), Katie Boller (Experience Designer)

Directional Arrow

There's a serious stigma against the differently abled in Indonesia.

The Paralympics is often an afterthought when it comes to the games. However the 2012 Olympics in London brought the differently abled to the fore front.

We wanted to take what London did a step further.

In Indonesia there's a serious stigma around the differently abled. With a new found excitement around the special Olympics how do we use the games to get people to change their minds on the differently abled.


Gamify the games.

The Olympics are all about games & we took that a step further. Guests are going to be exploring the large Olympic Campus & as they explore we reward them while showing them that the Paralympics is just as engaging as the regular Olympics.

Using games to encourage inclusion.

As users explore they will be rewarded with either discounts that can use for experiences around the event or with accessories they can use with their avatars that can be shown off on social media.

Way finding

The Olympics is takes place over a huge area & when you have so many people from so many different cultures it can be hard to get around. That's why we used AR technology to make it easy to navigate through the games.