Perspective Through Darkness

Using an experiential installation to raise awareness of light pollution.

Role - UI/UX Designer

Tools - Figma, After Effects

Team - Pareesa Khwaja (Experience Designer), Kevin Nguyen (Strategist), Abby Fine (Strategist), Stephon Jacob (Strategist)

Directional Arrow

Light pollution isn't something that comes up when people talk about the environment but it causes irreparable damage to the environment. Fireflies can't find mates, baby sea turtles get confused because they follow city lights instead of the stars not to mention the affects that light pollution has on people.


We teamed up with ARTECHOUSE to create an immersive experience to educate people on the issue. The experience has two parts one at Moynihan Train hall in New York with the goal of getting people to view the full exhibit at ARTECHOUSE.

The experience begins on NYC bound trains. Riders can enjoy the soothing nighttime atmosphere or they can engage further and listen to the stories of those affected by light pollution.
Moynihan Train Hall

At Moynihan Train hall we set up a globe at nighttime that shows what parts of the earth are lit up currently.
Next interactive projections are placed on the ground and as people step it shows the average light pollution a person makes.


At ARTECHOUSE users can relax and view an interactive light display. They can use the ARTECHOUSE App to see a world without light pollution.