Staged is a Web 3.0 based entertainment company that uses the power of technology & community to enhance the concert going experience.

Role - UX/UI Designer, Art Director

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For something that's supposed to be fun we spend a lot of time being stressed & bored.

Going to a concert is a supposed to be fun. For a brief moment in time we are immersed in an artists world. However we spend most of our time planning how to get there & waiting around.

How can Web 3.0 be used to create real world communities and elevate the live music experience?

New technology means experiences we take for granted get a refresh. The advent of web 3.0 & augmented reality creates a great opportunity for more fun, safe, and immersive experience.


Staged is a live concert experience that uses Web 3.0 & AR to create a more exciting concert experience.

Staged is a live concert experience that uses Web 3.0 & AR to create a more exciting concert experience.

AR Concert

Using AR to give people unforgettable experiences.

Using AR Staged gives users an immersive concert experience while also giving artists the ability to have engaging visuals without an expensive light show.


Fans win when they engage with artists.

Users get points, trophies, and extra content when they engage with artists by taking pictures, singing along & dancing with their favorite artists.

Find Friends

Staged has fans safety in mind. Easily locate your friends in a crowd in case you get separated.

Waste Less Time Pre Show

Shows can take a lot of time & a lot of that time is spent waiting around.

Inspired by concert DVDs Staged can engage fans with artists while they're waiting for the show to start.


What new opportunity does new tech offer us?


XR is a growing industry that is expected to be worth 21 billion by 2025 & is expected to see widespread adoption of extended reality tech (AR/VR headsets) in the next 2-4 years.

NFT's, Crypto, Block chain are Web 3.0 technologies that are expected to take over society in the near future. Companies are shifting to adjust to this change.


Users are becoming creators generating their own digital content (tik tok, etc).

Some users are skeptical of Web 3.0 but there are a set of wealthy early adopters who are investing in NFT's, crypto, & XR.


With extended reality technology there is a business opportunity to use game design principles to elevate the concert going experience.

How does the relationship between fan and band shift when both are content creators? 

Web 3.0 creates new ways to keep users safe.


Web is shifting towards users generated content.

In the upcoming years there will be more and more blending between virtual and physical using AR & Mixed reality technology.

Building a business that can make the most of this opportunity.

New technology has created the opportunity for new ways.

Existing Alternatives

Wave VR
Melody VR

Solution ‍

New technology has created the opportunity for new ways.

Key Metrics


Who we are

Staged is a venue that uses emergent tech to bring our users extraordinary entertainment experiences.

Unfair Advantage

We are early adopters. There are no other true parody competitors.

We leverage the physical experience not just virtual.


Music venues

Cost Structure


Revenue Streams

Ticket Sales
Merch Sales


Who are our fans?

Social Planner


The social planner is motivated by socializing. They are more likely to talk to new people. They're planners and rally their friends to go to events, often times they feel stressed scheduling and planning trips. They’re outgoing & easily bored, they want to be constantly stimulated often times bouncing from activity to activity.


• Stimulation
• A robust social feature
• Easy planning

Thrill Seeker


To experience life to the fullest. The thrill seeker wants the latest and greatest in experience. This person is a risk taker and their primary motivation is to have a unique experience that is dynamic just like they are.


• Lots of attention to detail in the visual experience
• Visceral impact on the senses
• A unique experience that changes from show to show



The musician wants new ways to connect with their fans and a way to progress their career. They want new ways to express their art.


• To connect with fans

Looking at the Staged experience.

Take Away

Users need a quick start & don’t necessarily care about Web 3.0

Take Away

Coordinating plans & people is stressful how can we relieve the stress from users?

Take Away

People spend more time waiting for music than experiencing it. How do we engage users during this time?

Web 3.0 is based off of user generated content. How do users create content @ shows?

Take Away

Leaving a concert can take just as long if not longer as getting in, how do we engage users while they’re winding down?

Design Principles

Staged is an immersive experience. These principles are what will get people invested and engaged in our world.


Go big or go home. The Staged experience is big, impressive & unforgettable.

Everything can be fun

We spend a lot of time not having fun. It doesn't have to be this way, Staged finds way to make every moment memorable.

Keep it fresh

Staged keeps things new and exciting. We ask the question "how can we make this exciting?" If things start to feel boring it's our mission to make it fresh again.

Jam together

Everything is better together the world of Staged wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for people. We encourage people to collaborate and engage with each other as much as we encourage people to engage with the experience.

We're all artists

Web 3.0 has made us all content creators. We empower everyone to create.
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