Pokemon Go


Using Web 3.0 & AR to turn us all into Pokemon Masters.


- Unity

- C#

- Figma


Role - UI/UX Designer, Prototyper

Tools - Unity, C#, Figma

Team - Charles Pfaff, Archer Brinkley


The metaverse and the web3.0 revolution is gaining tracking in mainstream media and the pressure is mourning to adapt and stay relevant. With NFTs and VR becoming household terms, these concepts can be applied beyond their original contexts.

Nintendo is a pioneer digital entertainment company that has become the gold standard for long running franchises and current technology. Their Pokémon property is one of the best known in the world, and it is founded on exploring and collecting principles which ties in perfectly with the concepts of NFTs and the AR technology.


The Pokémon franchise has the opportunity to shatter the digital fourth wall and bring it’s adorable monster companions into our world and create real-world trainers of us all.


PokémonGO launched in 2016 to international success and utilizes-real world location tracking and burgeoning AR technology to bring Pokémon into the users daily life.

But being tied to your phone screen, relying on holding up this small rectangular portal to glimpse another world is limiting and awkward. What would it look like integrated with web3.0 principles and advancing AR technology?

Solution - PokemonGo AR

Bring the Pokemon world to life in a way that's never been seen before.

Using the latest technology we're bringing Pokemon to life & allowing trainers to trade Pokemon as NFT's.

A whole world of Pokemon around you

The pokémon world and our world are so parallel that with the simple addition of AR technology, we can seamlessly integrate pokémon into our everyday lives and surrounding environments.

Pidgeys are found in cities, so it would make sense to look out of your apartment window through your AR goggles and see a flock of Pidgey on your balcony.


Going further, if we combine the foundational “gotta’ catch ‘em all” drive of the games with the collectable concept of NFTs, each Pokémon you catch and store in your box can be truly unique and valuable. By trading and collecting these NFTs with friends far and wide, players can build their battle party or fill out their Pokédex. Different stats and abilities are valued by different players, so the uniqueness and different demands will drive the NFT trading function.


The advent of websites like CryptoKitties and Hon’s Buns has proven there is a demand for and reasonable application of NFT technology to combine unique tokens/sets of data to create a new unique set of blended data, just like breeding Pokémon for higher stats or rare traits.


Going Further

PokémonGO already organizes “community events”, localized real world gatherings with in-game rewards and tie ins like rare appearances and big battles, but with a web3.0 makeover those player experiences could be even more immersive.