The Future of Pokemon Go

Using Web 3.0 & AR to turn us all into Pokemon Masters.

Role - UI/UX Designer, Prototyper

Tools - Unity, C#, Figma

Team - Charles Pfaff, Archer Brinkley

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Web 3.0 has been making waves.

AR glasses are just around the corner and NFT's have been making waves in the media. This has created the perfect storm for all of us to become Pokemon Trainers.


Bring the Pokemon world to life in a way that's never been seen before.

Using the latest technology we're bringing Pokemon to life & allowing trainers to trade Pokemon as NFT's.

Bringing the Pokemon experience to life.
Web 3.0 has created a great platform for Pokemon Go to take their experience to the next level.
No two Pokemon are alike.

Using generative art each Pokemon that's spawned will be slightly different. Team up with friends to drop nests and get rarer Pokemon.

Trade your NFT's with other trainers.

Trade your NFT Pokemon with other users to collect them all!